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At Kuality Design, we help Startups & Enterprises find a clear, and intuitive path;  for solving application design challenges.

If you have a product idea, or one that's in production, and need Digital Product support - we want to connect with you!

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Our small design agency specializes in helping enterprises, and startups craft attractive user interface layouts for their large-scale applications. We do this while simultaneously helping create a new, or existing brand. We have provided value to many clients, and are confident that together we can create a user interface that best solves your users needs. The only question now is are you ready to get started?

We work with you.

We support our customers user interface design needs like a co-founder  or partner would, by treating every project like our success depends on it, and that makes our clients very happy. Additionally we apply our: skill, knowledge, expertise, & creativity in to every project, to uncover, identify, collaborate, and construct a user interface design that benefits a clients end-users' & customers' needs.

Our clients are happy, because they know they can count on our UI expertise to reliably, and promptly deliver user interface design on their new and existing applications.


We're ready to take your UI app design to new heights.


At Kuality Design we want to make the process of UI design as simple and hassle free to your team as possible., if you need any thing please feel free to reach out to us via form, book online, LinkedIn, we're here to support your app design project in any way we can.

Below we have a base pricing structure to better orient and calculate your user interface needs, or simply book online here to setup a time to discuss your project.

Thank you, and we look forward to working together,

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Mars, Founder Kuality Design LLC.

User Interface Design Expert

Base Pricing

AR  (Augmented Reality) Application Design

Augmented Reality is gaining traction in the industry and Kuality has been working on the cutting edge to design AR applications for commerce, instruction, and education. We'd love to hear your potential projects in this space, and can get your companies first AR application design and development going.

Application UX/UI Update

Includes analysis and provides you with our dedicated design team for 90 business days to design the universal components, and layout structure for your app for your in-house development team to implement. Raw design files** provided, and specs.

Component Library Design

After analysis, and UX/UI design is complete, our dedicated team can convert all of the styled components into React, Vue, or HTML library for your team to use for consistent and quick application development, but also to be used as a starting point that can be modified via code.

Service Contracts - Monthly/Yearly - 10% discount

Often times clients don't know when throughout the year they will need UI help, but they also don't want to leave it to the last minute to hire someone, perhaps unknown, to provide the service. That's where Service Contracts come to the rescue, they are the guaranteed right to our services in monthly or yearly blocks, they don't cover the work in full but rather convert to an initial deposit while safe-guarding the availability of our team without needing a full-time hire on staff.



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"Mars is that rare individual who is exceedingly talented, thoroughly understands design and development processes, and deeply cares about the success of his projects, peers, and client. Mars is simply the guy everyone wants on their project and few people actually find"

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