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Perkins Eastman

Architecture Firm CMS

UX & UI Design - 2018 - 2021

Perkins Eastman is a global renown architecture firm that was looking for an update on their web presence, and to take full advantage of a responsive web design while incorporating a tie-in to their CMS. The amount of content that the firm was not taking advantage of was staggering, to add to it their outdated site didn't fully embody the vision of grandeur that their architectural work represented. Their slogan campaign that they were running at the time was "Human by Design", but the site they had didn't really connect on a human level, so we set out to fix that.

Simple, quick, and intuitive navigation assisted by functional filters

On version 1.0 the site lacked much visuals and one of the ideas we knew we had to bring to the table was more architecture at a glance, encased in structure and consistency. Separating the main high level items grouped by determining the commonalities of the content led us to refine the navigation and give us an opportunity to add personality to the different sections. Additionally the ability to filter the grid list down to the most relevant and desirable results. we add a filter to narrow down the search.


Two-Column Layout provided an easy to access menu on the left while consolidating leads information on the right.

Interior pages were kept clean and consistent with a themed template

For each of the key project locations we created templates that would render certain content based on type. Each type is determined by the high level navigation items (Design, Culture, Insights, Studios), each type has it's own color association, and by this simple technique we were able to utilize one template for inner pages, with the only variants being color related for certain accent texts, titles, and icons.


Through the use of the CMS we were able to serve up different related projects based on type.


Mobile ready for tablet and phones

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Additional Screenshots

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