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Multifamily Modernization

UX & UI Design - 2018 - 2021

Multifamily modernization effort that revolved around current offline work flows to incorporate a new centralized application for Lenders to identify, qualify, and submit packages for underwriting to FreddieMac.

Centralizing the Underwriters pipeline by pending progress.

The project involved hundreds of interview sessions, workshops, white-boarding sessions, rapid  prototyping, and presenting to large audiences; in addition to constant user-testing to validate and iterate. As a Senior Product Designer, my contributions to this project were helping the product owner gather the requirements via interviewing all users involved in the process to get a better understanding of all the roles, and responsibilities of each role, but also to uncover where pain points were occurring for the end-users.

The typical process was to review the design with the entire team, front-end, back-end, and other stakeholders to align on the workflow. Once we agreed on the development path, we would test the results with the end user and continue to observe and learn from their behaviors and asks to better consolidate information or provide more "just-in-time" info to ensure better decisions are made during the underwriting process.

Snapshot of the loan deal keeps key information at underwriters' fingertips

One of the challenges was coordinating different teams that were part of this large feature. For example the team involved with "pricing/sizing" would have to work to get the information required in their tab in order, and so forth. Without adequate communication and strategizing sessions, every team would have run in their own direction leaving this collaborative effort still feeling like everyone was working in a silo. But the fact that the designers were in close coordination of the One Roof Design System and the plans for layout, the tabs came together feeling seam-less.


Collapsed view of accordions that break down the high level groups that Underwriters were used to looking for.

Tasks broken down by UW's preferred processes

When we first began working on a task list, we focused very closely on what the individual steps for each task were but realized that this would make the task list unusable since there would be too much granular detail. We ended up creating a "Tracker" that gives the high level progress, but chose to separate the Tasks to include all of the documentation required for the underwriter, grouped in a way that would be relevant to the underwriters. To create this template we had to do many interviews, and take the time to learn and understand what the back and forth of documentation updating typically looks like to further uncover where the bottlenecks were occurring and how to keep the borrower focused in completing all of the tasks, while checking off the completed ones. The idea is that once the documentation has reached a certain percentage threshold, that the underwriters could begin to process the loan to provide the borrower with a quote. After agreements are made, the true underwriting and request of documentation emerges. This longer format below speaks to this point, where some tasks are completed, but others sections like "Borrowers", "Third-Parties", and "Legal" can become deal-breakers if not handled correctly. Additionally the documents submitted had to be reviewed for accuracy as well. 

Tasks can include uploading a document or performing a workflow.

The idea of a tasks is something that gets completed and checked off of a list, and while that was true of our task list, the main difference was, being able to perform a work flow after uploading a document. For example on the previous Financial Task, the user upload the "T-12" (rent rolls for the year), and are able to view, edit, correct data, and more, before finally submitting it. This additional level of interaction made possible via OCR, and NLP, gave the user a more dynamic experience vs. having to correct an edit on the original document and re-upload. Under this workflow the user can upload what they have and continue to work on information via the web interface.


Additional Screenshots

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