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Project Kickoff Guide

Hi there, new client 🙂

This is a little onboarding guide that I send to all of my new clients to help kick off the project properly. It should only take you 10-15 mins to read through it all. At the bottom, there I’ve repeated all the next actions that I need from you for the project to move forward in a timely fashion.

First of all, some housekeeping stuff to get out of the way:

Legal stuff

If you haven’t already done so, please sign and return the proposal to receive the consulting service agreement. It protects your interests and mine, but much more importantly, it spells out the scope of work, timeline, and payment details to ensure we’re all on the same page 🙂 You can upload the signed agreement to Monday (see Project Communications section below).

Tax stuff

Assuming you’re based in the US, in January of next year, you’re going to need to send me a 1099-MISC tax form. To do that, you’ll need a copy of my W-9, which you’ll receive in a separate email.


The initial proposal agreement that I sent you had a breakdown of the milestone payments and when each is due. You should have also received an invoice for the initial deposit.

For convenience, speed, and minimal fees, the best way to send the initial deposit is via wire transfer. Alternatively, if you’re able to setup ACH deposits, that’s an option as well. The invoice has instructions on both wire transfers and ACH deposits.

Finally, if the above two options don’t work for some reason, you can always send a check in the mail. Please send to the following address:

Attn: Kuality Design LLC.

3507 Perry St

Fairfax, VA 22030

Note: credit card payments can be made on request, but I’d actually prefer you just send a check if the amount is over $5000, to minimize processing fees.

Info I need from you

I need a few pieces of info from you, and the easiest way to get it is for you to fill out this quick form. It should only take a few mins and will save us a bunch of time down the road.

Important: I recommend you read through the rest of this document before filling out the form, so you know what each item is referring to. I only mention the form here so you’ll know what I’m talking further down in the document

🙂 Kuality Design Client Onboarding Form

Project communication

I use Monday to manage all of my projects. And Figma to manage all design aspects, It provides a single place for us to manage our communications and any outstanding design items.

If you haven’t already received an invitation to our project on Figma, you should get one within a few days of the project start date.

The best way to get in touch with me to discuss anything related to our project is to message me in Figma, since it will be the source of the design.  I try to respond to all messages within 24 hours, usually earlier.

For efficiency on both sides, I try to keep phone calls to a minimum. If you have an issue that you feel needs to be discussed on the phone, please don’t hesitate to schedule a call using this link:

However, please also message me with a detailed summary of what you’d like to cover in the call, so that I can attempt to avoid the need for a call, or at least prepare and make the most of our time.

If you have something truly urgent, please text me at 941-400-9508.

All assets, brand guidelines, style guides, etc.

In order for us to adhere to your current brand guidelines we will need all assets, raw .psd .eps .ai .sketch, png, fonts, etc. Before we get started, this is very important and can't be overlooked since starting off with the wrong design assets can result in lost time and effort, and push the project timeline out of bounds.

Please provide via Google Docs, zip file, Dropbox, etc. If sending a zip file please email to with your project name in the subject line.

My staff

I’m a solo consultant, but I have a very talented junior developer / intern that I have handle some of the basic parts of some projects, so you may see comments and other items from him.

Obviously, I remain responsible for oversight and quality control on all aspects of the project.

You may also occasionally see communications from my virtual assistant who helps with scheduling and other admin items.

GitHub Account

My GitHub username is "Mars1", you can find the account here,

Apple Developer account (if applicable)

If you do not already have an Apple Developer account, you will need to obtain one. I recommend starting the process as early as possible, as delays of weeks can occur as Apple verifies your information.

If you’re positive that your app is going to be submitted the App Store, you need a regular Apple Developer account, and you can sign up for an account here:

Apple Developer Program Enrollment

On the other hand, if your app is going to be distributed via the Enterprise distribution method for use only within your organization and NOT the public at large, you can sign up for an Enterprise Developer account here:

Apple Enterprise Developer Program Enrollment

Important: If you’re not sure, please check with me before you sign up and pay Apple, as there is no way to convert the type of account you have.

Please note that if you’re signing up in the name of your company, you will need the legal authority to enter contracts on behalf of your company, and you’ll need a D-U-N-S number, which Apple’s process will guide you through.

Once you have your Apple developer account, you will need to add me as an admin to the account. You can invite me at If you signed up for an individual account instead of a team account, please provide the credentials to me via email.

Finally, you will also need to add me as an admin to iTunes Connect, which you can do here: Please use the same email address:

Hockey (if applicable)

I use a service called Hockey to distribute test builds of the app that will only run on devices that have been added to the build. To do so, I will need your unique device identifier, which you can add when you sign up for Hockey. You’ll receive an email inviting you to our team on Hockey; just follow the instructions to signup and add your device to your Hockey account.

In the future, if you add new devices that you want to test the app on, just add them to your Hockey account. I’ll get an email that a new device has been added and the next build will include that new device as well.

Facebook and Twitter (if applicable)

If the app will have the ability for users to login via Facebook and / or Twitter, we’ll need to create applications on each of those platforms. It’s easiest for me to create the apps on those platforms, and then I’ll add you as an admin to each one.

For Twitter, I’ll need your Twitter username, and for Facebook, I need your fbId or Facebook username. Both can be provided in the Client Onboarding Form.

What you can expect next

Once I receive the initial deposit (or confirmation that it’s on the way), I’ll start laying out a User Interface Design and work closely with the client in the first sprint before moving on to the coding of the first layout design, while simultaneously having the next design sprint started. You should see visual results every week, and code update pushes every 48 hours, however when it actually shows up on your test or dev servers is up to your internal processes.

Providing feedback

When you receive updates to design, you can provide feedback via Figma, and when you receive front-end code all feedback should be provided via GitHub, or alternative repository platform for code base.

Finally, when you report bugs, please report as much information as you can about what you were doing and how to reproduce the problem. Generally speaking, I can’t fix bugs that I can’t reproduce. Sending “some elements aren’t working” is much less helpful than a detailed description of what functionality is failing and what steps you took to get the error. Screenshots and videos of the issues are very much appreciated.


My business lives and dies on the strength of customer referrals, so if you can think of anyone that would find my services useful, I’d be very grateful if you could take a minute and introduce us via email.

Next actions for you

Ok, that was a lot of detail! So here’s a recap with a checklist of the next actions I need from you:

  1. Sign the consulting agreement I sent you

  2. Watch for the W9 in the email I’m going to send you

  3. Pay initial deposit

  4. Fill out the Client Onboarding Form

  5. Sign up for Apple Developer account (if applicable)

  6. Sign up for Monday, Hockey, and other services as I invite you to join me!


And that should be it! You’ll be getting a few different emails and invitations from me in the first week after the project starts. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out by email,  if you have any questions, concerns, etc.

Looking forward to working with you!


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