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Evaluation and accreditation application for healthcare organizations

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What is NCQA?

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) is an independent, non-profit organization in the United States that focuses on improving the quality of healthcare. NCQA evaluates and accredits healthcare organizations based on their ability to meet specific quality standards, and provides information to consumers, employers, and healthcare professionals about the quality of healthcare services.

The Problem

One of the major pain points expressed by users was the lack of an online solution for certification management. The absence of a user-friendly platform meant that individuals had to rely on manual processes, leading to inefficiencies, delays, and frustration. Recognizing the need for change, NCQA has embarked on this project to revolutionize the way certification is handled.

The Solution

An online self-service certification management tool, that allows all users of the application from administrators, to doctors to access, update, and re-apply for recertification all while storing important and time consuming information that oftens takes weeks or months to gether for the certification process to be performed.

By moving the application procress online the applicants experienced greater ease and a more robust way to store and access (for proof) of information that would later be required when re-applying for certification - taking the hard work out of the process, and simplifying it.

Understanding the User

I started the research process by working with the Product Owner to understand the offline process of signing up for certification. And how to keep that information updated in order to renew the certification. Typically the offline process involves several visits to offices and locations, and lots of paperwork that goes back and forth, along with documents that need to be updated because they've expired.

The pain points were causing NCQA to move this offline process online, where the customer could store the information relevant at each stage of the certification, and be able to manage that centrally from one place.

Research Insight

Here were some of the insights gathered from the research:

  • Users wanted to be able to choose their certfication type

  • Users wanted to consolidate all of the documentation and process to date in one location that also helped them stay on track with what was missing for each certification at each location that the customers may have

  • It was more important to make sure that the application was tablet ready over mobile, since many representatives were in the field and a mobile device was too small to get this type of work done