Real Estate Lead and Client Mangement Application

UX & UI Design - 2018

SoldNest is a SaaS platform Real Estate Broker start-up that provides a one-stop shop Listing Service in the California real estate market. SoldNest reached out to Kuality to design the user interface and user workflow that their brokers would utilize internally to manage deal flow. Kuality was tasked with a focus on clean, intuitive, and responsive design within a targeted three month period schedule. The importance was in hitting this short time frame in order to keep development from getting behind. We successfully accomplished the task at hand, so lets dive right in.

The Need

A lot of data is required throughout the listing process of a home, and often times that information is only in printed documents. SoldNest aimed to change that by centralizing all of their Listing Agents deal flow information in a digital space that could be accessed easily, and analyzed over time to spot certain trends in the market. The main challenge was bringing all of this information together in an intuitive and simple design, that would allow Listing Agents to manage several deals in the pipeline while having access to all of these deals in real-time while on the go. The mobile aspect of this project was key  when considering that agents spend most of their time outside the office, to a point where they need to get work done in the field. As this is becoming more of the trend for agents in general, SoldNest wanted to be able to provide their customers an affordable option - so having an application that allowed their agents to work more efficiently was a key objective in keeping costs down.

Seeing all Leads in a centralized way was important in helping agents work more efficiently

A Listing Agents day is filled with appointments, leads, and paperwork and paperwork among other things. One of the views in this app build was to conceive a simple view to be able to manage all of the leads, with 🔥 included to illustrate the hotness of leads. By focusing on the productivity on a monthly basis agents as well as brokers can focus only on the tasks at hand for the next 30 days. Having a pulse at-a-glance of deal flow helps agents tremendously in determining where to place priority on a daily basis.


Two-Column Layout provided an easy to access menu on the left while consolidating leads information on the right.

Snapshot of the clients needs keeps key information at agents' fingertips

Each lead has key information formatted in an easy to view and very consolidated template, that becomes second nature in finding key information quickly. Mental models are an important and often neglected aspect of application design. One doesn't want to make their end-user have to overthink or split-reason based on different contextual scenarios. By keeping the template compact, and consistent agents can get the the critical information they need rapidly and on-the-go. With an appropriate balance of iconography, text, space, and contrast we were able to pull off a very feature rich view that doesn't feel crammed or over worked.


View inside of an individual lead, user would click back on "My Leads" to be taken to the previous list view.

The Kickoff

Spending time with my clients to understand their needs, concerns, questions, and ultimately their customers is what inspires to create the best possible design  within the given the time & budget constraints. Sometimes that consists of end-user interviews, personas, journey maps, card sorting, and prototypes. Sometimes this information is distilled already making the task more along the lines of reading between the lines. What the client is asking for vs. what the customer actually needs. There is always a happy middle ground and this project required viewing the gathered business requirements with the end-users daily job responsibilities to enable the design to start off on the right footing.

Dashboard screens that pack a lot of information for on the go analysis

All informatics driven applications have some centralized access point that often provides a summary of the content in a quick to analyze dashboard. SoldNest required a similar need that would be allow agents and brokers to have a summary screen that would allow the agents to keep track of information like how many Market Analysis have been sent compared to actual Listing Appointments. Important key metrics that provide insight as to the payoff of an effort given. But also a means of staying focused and on track with tasks on a day-to-day basis. This can be difficult in an industry that while it does have identifiable routines, not every day is the same as the last. Listing Agents aren't 9-to-5'ers, they often work longer hours and perform selected tasks on certain days of those weeks. And when a hot lead comes in that can throw off even that precarious routine. Having an aide like the SoldNest Dashboard can really bring clarity on what can seem like dissimilar events.


A tab layout is provided to maximize the different, but repetitive work flows and where all these tasks stand at each point

The Solution

Besides the evident need to sort, summarize, and visualize the daily tasks, and work flows of a Listing Agent - there was a greater effort in coordinating all of this information into the various screens that would form a more encompassing and holistic access point for assisting in their work. Transactions, Email, Calendar, and personalized configurations and work were all parts of this large project, and while all of that body of work is not included in its entirety in this summary of the project, they each involved a collective understanding of what a Listing Agent does on a daily basis and how each view can facilitate their work, allowing them to maximize their time on more important things, like garnering new leads.

Tablet ready design allows for multi-orientation without feeling cluttered

To even reference an application today as responsive is unnecessary, since we all expect an application to work, even if a subset of the features are available, at every view port size. SoldNest's app is no different, however there is such a thing as progressive iteration based on variables, like time, budget, and prioritizing functionality based on end user evaluation. Long gone are the days of waterfall where the intent was to add as many features as imagined necessary and cram that into long 6-10 month iterations, only to find out half the features were unnecessary, and how it "works" absolute fails the end user - rendering an app unusable and ultimately scrapped. In this case however tablet usage among agents has grown considerably and trying to access features from a phone (despite some being larger then previously available), is still cumbersome and somewhat irritating (especially when trying to view a lot of information at once). We knew that SoldNest would have to be a tablet-ready design because of the limitations of phones, and the nature of the work being performed remotely.


Adding New Seller workflow Modal in portrait orientation for tablets.

Additional Screenshots

The Conclusion

SoldNest needed an application that was modern in both look and feel, simple in use and design, while still maintaining true to the data-driven nature of the work. Working closely with the product owner, placing a deep emphasis on the end-user and coupling that with an organized and streamlined design process is what made this first iteration of the application a success. This is common with how we work at Kuality Design. Our experience in the industry for the niche market of startups and modernization of legacy enterprise applications is what we specialize in. We're grateful if you read this far and can assure you that we can provide outstanding results for your web application design and development needs.


"Mars was truly engaged in the project, and provided key suggestions to improve some unresolved work flow issues, along with a great design. He completed the design work within budget and on time, and that made all the difference in keeping the project momentum moving."

J. Alongi / SoldNest /  CEO and Founder