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A real estate brokerage app using (AI) to provide a streamlined and cost-effective home-selling experience for homeowners

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What is SoldNest?

SoldNest is a technology-driven real estate brokerage company that uses data and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide a streamlined and cost-effective home-selling experience for homeowners. The company's approach combines innovative technology with personalized service to help homeowners sell their homes quickly and efficiently.

SoldNest's platform uses AI algorithms and market data to determine the optimal listing price for a home and to create a customized marketing plan to reach potential buyers. The company also offers professional photography and virtual staging services, which can help to increase a home's appeal and speed up the sales process.

The Problem

SoldNest is seeking to revolutionize Real Estate management. In the fast-paced world of real estate, agents require an efficient solution to seamlessly manage their pipeline and stay connected with their customers, whether they are in the office or on the go. Understanding this need, SoldNest was seeking to develop the groundbreaking SoldNest Realtor Admin Panel, providing real estate professionals with a comprehensive end-to-end management platform.

The Solution

An internally accessed site for Real Estate Agents that can be used by Brokers to manage the pipeline and dealflow for their Agents, better tracking progress, and allowing the work of the agent (which is often on the road) to keep up with the daily changes in the market, with their clients, and with new potential clients. It's where all the details of a deal are stored and managed for easy access.

Understanding the User

I started the research process by interviewing the product owner trying to understand what they perceived (from the perspective of a broker) was holding up deal flow and visibility into the potential deals at every step of the process. Some customers were new homebuyers, some were mid-way in the process of getting all of their inspections done, and some were ready to close. But there was no proper way to manage all of these different clients in one interface.

Research Insight

Here were some of the insights gathered from the research:

  • Users to have visibility into their pipeline and deal flow

  • Users wanted to centralize documentation for their clients and leads to make managing all of that easier

  • User wanted to be able to visually detect cold or warm leads from hot ones


Following the analysis of user research findings, the next step was to develop personas, which aided in envisioning the intended audience. To facilitate the design process, I ensured that one particular persona effectively represented a user that was interested in helping understand the way agents interact with clients, how they serve them, and who was enthusiastic about improving the workflow process, taking into account their pain points and frustrations.

This persona served as a constant reference point throughout the entirety of the product design journey, helping to maintain a clear focus when making design choices.

SoldNest Persona