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A cloud-based software platform that provides tools and services for corporate innovation and startup engagement

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What is Startgrid?

Startgrid is a cloud-based software platform that provides tools and services for corporate innovation and startup engagement. The platform allows companies to identify, evaluate, and connect with startups that align with their strategic goals and objectives.

Startgrid's software provides a range of features designed to facilitate innovation and collaboration between corporations and startups, including startup discovery, due diligence, and deal tracking. The platform also offers analytics and reporting tools to help companies measure the impact of their innovation initiatives and track their progress over time.

The Problem

Startgrid is a project aimed at simplifying a complex user workflow of finding embedded opportunities while enhancing the user experience. As part of the project, I had the opportunity to work with a lead developer and product owner who were looking for a product designer to collaborate with in designing an intuitive user workflow and interface.

The Solution

A Relationship Management Platfrom solution that allows users and companies to create Needs and Solutions that their industry requires as they utilize different methods of attracting synergy and opportunities (i.e. landing pages, organizing email thread conversations, and highlighting opportunities based on historical success with other vendors and partners.

Understanding the User

I started the research process by working with the Product Owner that had direct access to the several customers that were looking to try to make sense of how a relationship and opportunity management platform might work, what are some of the pain points when networking to find solutions to their organizations internal needs, and other means both offline and on that were utilized to organize and sort all of these different needs and requirements.

For example Ford wanted to test a hybrid model concept at that time in 2015 EV's were a pretty new on the scene and one of the needs of the client was to be able to connect with manufacturing organizations that produce batteries, to be able to learn how that technology works.

Research Insight

Here were some of the insights gathered from the research:

  • Users would like to know what Needs are in their pipeline for visibility

  • Users wanted a consolidation of all contact info, conversations, and documents that would be gathered throughout the process all centralized in one place

  • 75% of users were on their devices so having a mobile ready app was key


Following the analysis of user research findings, the next step was to develop personas, which aided in envisioning the intended audience. To facilitate the design process, I ensured that one particular persona effectively represented a user that was interested in helping through the process of handling new opportunities in business, helping organizing through that information, and who was enthusiastic about improving the workflow process, taking into account their pain points and frustrations.

This persona served as a constant reference point throughout the entirety of the product design journey, helping to maintain a clear focus when making design choices.

Startgrid Persona